Total Design


"What we like to develop" is a reliable relationship with clients.


In designing and developing products, Kumamoto Techno primarily considers the question :
"What can we do to make the client's request happen ?
"rather than saying "We can't do this, it's impossible.
"Our aim is to make the impossible, possible.
We believe in Kumamoto Techno's attitude and our original way of providing services.
Therefore we deal with a broad range of customers needs,
such as built-in type one-chip microcomputers and applications for Windows and UNIX.
For us, the center of manufacture is always "people".
We would like to manufacture products considering the existence of "people" and
user friendly products rather than just the products for mechanization or automation.
In recent years the products life cycle has become shorter and even quicker development is demanded.
We try to improve our knowledge and technique more fully and continue the challenge to be
"The reliable manufacture" rather than "The manufacture that satisfies user needs".

設計開発フロー Design and Development Flow

Planning / Arrangement


In order to realize the client's request, we have numerous and examination before making a plan.


We prepare the data in graph form with reference to the concrete details in the plan and arrange the specification which the client will be satisfied with.
Design of Hardware

決定した仕様等に基づき、プリント基板や筐体の設計を行います。また、使用環境や条件に十分対応できる 製品設計を心掛けます。

Based on the decided specification etc. we design printed circuit board and outer parts of the machine. We also try to design the product which is considerate to the environment and conditions for use.
Design of Software


Based on the decided specification etc. We make a program considering primarily it's easy use for operation.
Production of Prototype


We ptoduce a prototype in order to completely perfect products.
Final Confirmation


In the presence of client, we check the specification and make final confirmation of the operability before starting manufacture.