Creative Minds


The latest equipment supports the creative mind.



In order to manufacture high quality products, Kumamoto Techno has introduced the latest manufacturing equipment. Automatic solder tanks adopt Dip-Form which gives few missing parts and tilts, and has less short of solder compared with the jet flow type. Besides this, changing all the solders in the solder tanks regularly prevents the deterioration of solders, and keeps the flux's concentration fixed by connecting with Fluxer. This has realized high quality soldering without variation. With regard to environmental preservation, the washing equipment is a jet flow type with washing agents that are surface-active with pure water. Also, we have installed temperature-adjustable drying ovens for drying products. Further, our surface- mounted type board assembly line is automated during the whole process in order to aim at reducing production and cost, and improve quality. As you can see, appropriate maintenance is always carried out with the manufacturing equipment at Kumamoto Techno in order for it to be operated in the best condition for individual products. This is a true reflection of human creativity with high quality, speed of production, and lower cost.